Wonders Of Modern World

Everybody knows about those seven ancient wonders of the world and their history. From the Colossus of Rhodes to Gardens of Babylon and from Lighthouse of Alexandria to Statue of Zeus, modern society has known a remarkable progress in civil engineering. Nowadays, modern society has made another list of seven wonders in modern world. It was a difficult choice to do due to the amazing achievements of 20th century civil engineering.

The list of the newest seven wonders of the world had an honorary candidate, the Great Pyramid of Giza, being the only ancient wonder that still exist nowadays. More information about this ancient wonder and about others you can find it right here.

Continuing with the list of modern wonders of the world, we can tell you that this list was made from a selection of 200 existing monuments and it was a very hard decision. The new modern wonders of the 20th century are:

1.The Great Wall Of China. This amazing construction had to be in this list do to the magnitude of the fortification and the size of it. The wall has a great history behind and it's purposes was all about border control and offensive/defensive strategy. More information about this amazing construction and about Chinese culture, you can find on another great website named Destination-China!

2.Petra, the rose-red city, located in southern Jordan. An amazing construction deep in the sandstone cliffs with massive temples, tombs and monuments surrounding it. Due to the massive structure, the highly organized water system and it's high historical signification, Petra has become one of the amazing wonders of the modern world.

3.Christ the Redeemer Statue from Rio de Janeiro is the symbol of Brazil and it has 30 metres in hight and it's located at 700 metre on Corcovado mountain. The statue has become a symbol of Christianity and also it unites people from all around the world. In 2015 2 urban explorers had climbed the statue, making some amazing pictures and having the experience of their life.

4.As you can see until now, the list has a vast diversity and amazing structures. On forth place is Machu Picchu located in Peru. This inca city is at 2.430 metres above the sea level and it's the most familiar icon for Inca civilization. Machu Picchu is also called the lost city due to it 's location and because it was hidden in the lush forest and clouds three centuries since 1911.

5.Chichen Itza located in Mexico is a pre-Columbian city build by Maya people. This great monument appears to be a mythical city and the largest one that had the most diverse population in Maya world. Chicen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico and it's known to be the oldest city in Maya civilization.

6.Colosseum known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is located in Italy and it represents an oval amphitheatre in the centre of Rome. The Colosseum is as big as a station and it is estimated to hold approximately 80.000 spectators. His antic use was gladiatorial contest and public spectacles like animal hunts, executions and mock sea battles. The Colosseum remains a symbol of Imperial Rome and even if it's partial ruined it still has lots of tourist visiting each year.

7.Taj Mahal meaning The Crown of the Palace is a marble mausoleum on the south bank of Yamuna river. It's main purpose is to be a tomb for a Persian princess, who died giving birth to 14th child of Gauhara Begum. The tomb is the central focus of the entire complex and it include a mosque and a guest house. The decorations are the finest in Mugual architecture.

With this amazing mausoleum, we finished the list with 7 modern wonders of the world. You can visit them anytime of the year, but also you can visit the surroundings of them because there are lots of attractions. More point of interest in those areas and other you can find right here.